Groklaw: What We Might Expect From SCO’s New Website and Groklaw

“First a little history, to set the stage. Here is the TeamSCO
Partner Program newsletter from Friday, March 7, 2003, sent out at
6:01 AM. It announced the lawsuit, which was filed the day before,
and interestingly it also included a link to a PDF of their filing,
which they made available on their website, in addition to
repeating their press release of that same day.

“Here also is the original SCO complaint filed in the local Utah
court on March 6, 2003, at 2:17 PM to be exact, as you can see from
the date stamp on the filing, back when they were still calling
themselves Caldera. SCO has never bothered, that I have been able
to find, to put this filed, dated version on their website, nor is
it on the public Pacer…”