Growing Free Software Movement Trumps ‘End of Open Computing’

[ Thanks to D.C.
for this link. ]

“Microsoft proclaimed in 2002 that the ‘era of ‘open
computing…” was ‘…coming to an end.’ Just like their
proclamations about the Internet ‘fad’, they could not have been
more wrong…

“I was scouring the Internet today, in search of interesting
Free Software projects, when I ran across the DotGNU project’s
website. On the front page, the project lists, among its
motivations, ‘A desire to prevent Microsoft from achieving their
stated goal ‘that the era of ‘open computing,’ the free exchange of
digital information that has defined the personal computer
industry, is ending’.’ Well, I was going to say, ‘Don’t laugh yet,’
but truthfully, I am too…”

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