GTK+ a Windowing toolkit for operating systems other than Unix?

Netscape’s Ramiro Estrugo says there’s an interesting discussion
going on in a Mozilla newsgroup about moving non-Unix versions of
Mozilla to the GTK+ toolkit.

Mozilla has already standardized on
for all future X development.

If you are interested in watching these discussions take place,
please do so, but only contribute a post if you really have some
valuable facts to add. Other opinions, speculations, or advocacy
should be posted only to talkbacks here on Linux Today (or some
other area away from the Mozilla list).

Ramiro Estrugo writes:


We are having an interesting discussion on:


About the possibility of using GDK (and thus GTK+) as the
windowing toolkit for Mozilla on platforms other than unix.

There are many opinions circulating both in favor and against
GTK+. Im afraid a lot of these are based purely on opinion, and not
on facts.

Which is why I am asking for your help.

If you can in anyway contribute to this discussion, please feel
free to do so.

I know most of you are hackers who are not interested in
advocacy, and I feel the same way. However, I think that folks that
have more experience with GTK+ might be able to contribute (in
GTK+’s favor) to the discussion.


– -re

Ramiro Estrugo ([email protected])