Haiku OS Alpha 1 Screenshots

[ Thanks to Daniel Memenode for
this link. ]

“I downloaded and burned a live cd, but it doesn’t seem
to support my hardware since the kernel stopped the boot up and
threw me into a debug console. I then decided to run and install it
in VirtualBox and take many screenshots as I explore the OS.
Overall I would say that it packs quite a punch for a revival of an
old operating system in a first alpha release. It looks better than
the last BeOS release (R5) and comes with some improvements
including support for modern hardware (albeit not all as my example
would imply).

“We are offered applications for a variety of tasks suitable for
a desktop system, which is what Haiku OS is focused on. Compared to
what a basic Windows install usually comes with it doesn’t lack
behind and even adds a thing or two more. For instance, in addition
to such basic things as text editors (it has two), a web browser
(Firefox 2), multimedia player, paint utility etc. there’s also a
DVB application, an IRC chat program, media converter and a webcam
app. You can see a full list of applications in a screenshot of the
applications menu.”


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