Happy Birthday, Mozilla – and Thanks for Being Here

[ Thanks to Glyn
for this link. ]

“There’s a number of noteworthy points here. The first
is that the Mozilla project was originally a browser *suite*, which
included an email reader and a chat client as well as a browser.
This was a throwback to the old Netscape Communicator suite, on
which it was based.

“Also interesting to note that Mitchell Baker was the leader of
Mozilla, then as now — an indication of the central role she has
played in the success of not just Mozilla, but open source too.
For, as the second paragraph presciently notes, the browser has
become the “main interface between users and the Web” – indeed, it
is now arguably the main interface to *computing*, what with the
rise of mainstream online services that run entirely in the
browser. This makes Mozilla’s success all-the-more important.”

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