Help, my printer won’t print in Linux!

[ Thanks to Jonathan
for this tip. ]

This story has helped me greatly after spending hours and hours
unsucessfully tweaking Linux to work with my printer. They really
present a straightforward answer without all the BS that other help
sites give.


Question: I’m having trouble printing with my Linux computer. I’ve
got the printer hooked up to the parallel port and I’ve enabled
everything in BIOS. However, when I try to reference the printer as
a device, I get “No such device.” I’ve tried using the printtool
command and the output to “lp” is accepted, but it just sits there
in queue. The same printer works fine on other computers and in
Windows. How do I print in Linux?
-Frustrated at my printer
Omaha, NE

Dear Frustrated,
The fix is simpler than you think. Just add the following line to
your /etc/conf.modules files:

alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc

Save the file and reboot your computer. Your printer should be
fixed and ready to rock.