Henry the Adequate: Henry’s Guide to Financing Your Free or Open Source Project…

[ Thanks to Ben for
this link. ]

“As I’m sure you are all aware, I am a computer programming guru
and master leet haxxzor. Such is my fame and great typing skills
that I have become an integral part of the Free and Open Source
communities. Linus himself calls me for advice–things like ‘Should
I go with a monolithic kernel?,’ ‘How should we handle binary
drivers?’, and ‘Will you stop pretending that you know me–I’ll
sue, dammit!’ Developers and project leaders come to me for
assistance all the time, and leet chick haxxzors swoon at my feet
like professional swooners who are really good at swooning.

“Of all the problems that I am called upon by my less-guru-like
bretheren to solve the most common is that of finance…”