Host Your Own Video with Flowplayer

[ Thanks to darkduck for this link.

“Video can be a powerful tool to deliver information over the
Internet for marketing, corporate training, or social media
purposes. Most people who think of Internet video probably think of
YouTube first, but sometimes public hosting is not the best option
for your video. What do you do, for example, if you want to upload
a confidential interview, or training material for your employees
to use on the corporate intranet? You might want to incorporate
marketing video on your site without any YouTube branding, or your
corporate policy might block YouTube at your firewall. In these
cases you can self-host videos with Flowplayer and make them
available on web pages to anyone with a browser.

“Flowplayer comes in several variants. Its GPL-licensed player
is free; you can use it as many times as you like on any number of
domains, but it displays a Flowplayer logo over your video which
you cannot remove unless you change the code. Commercial variants
of Flowplayer do not show the Flowplayer logo, but instead let you
include your own brand image. You can buy licenses for any number
of sites from one to unlimited, at a cost of $95 to $1,450.”

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