How Cyanogen plans to be Android’s open-source champion

Cyanogen, Inc. plans to offer Cyanogenmod to handset manufacturers while simultaneously continuing to work on the community version, in fact Cyanogen’s primary goal is listed as “organize, lead, and support our community.” By working with handset manufacturers like Oppo and OnePlus Cyanogen have complete access to any proprietary and special information. Since Cyanogen is an open-source company it will be able to publish as much information (and source code) as it can for these OEM devices.

But building a finished product for an OEM is a little different than producing custom firmware for enthusiasts. In comments email to TechHive Steve Kondik said, “in the custom ROM community people are a little more tolerant to get the most bleeding edge thing on their device, but when you’re trying to ship a real product you’ve really got to nail those edge cases… make sure things don’t crash.”