How to automatically print or convert to PDF, MS Office or other formats OpenDoc

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for this link. ]

“The script and tricks in the ODF scripting section of
this website show how to create office-ready texts, presentations
and spreadsheets automatically, in the OpenDocument format, which
is a worldwide standards. This is all many people need to work
today. Sometimes, however, it’s still necessary to either print
those documents, or exchange them to somebody in other formats,
like PDF or those of the older releases of Microsoft Office (newer
releases of this program are already partially compatible with
OpenDocument through free plugins, so if your partners have those
versions they should really use those plugins, instead of bothering
you with requests for drug-like, legacy file formats, but that’s
another story).

“Of course, if you only need to print or convert to other
formats only once in a while there’s no reason to not do it from
OpenOffice. The simple tricks explained below, however, are a
life-saver when you need to do this many times, and of course you’d
like your computer to do it for you while you have a coffee or

“On Linux systems it is easy to do all this, and even send the
converted files via email, automatically. Let’s assume that you
have an OpenDocument text, spreadsheet or presentation already
sitting in some folder, waiting to be processed.”