How to compile a Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) kernel

[ Thanks to Peter
for this link. ]

“Ubuntu 10.10 was released in October and I have been
writing articles on “How to compile a kernel for Ubuntu …”
for a few releases and there is no exception for Ubuntu 10.10.

“The Ubuntu kernel developers have decided to change things up
yet again for the Ubuntu 10.10 kernel, I guess it will change every
Ubuntu release.


I’ll be using git to get the latest kernel version. This is my
favorite way to get the sources and it is in my opinion the fastest
way to make changes later on when you want to update your own
kernel to the latest version.

“I suggest adding my Launchpad repository to your system. The
repository holds the latest version of git and is usually updated
within a day of a new release of git, follow the instructions on
the page Git Packages for Ubuntu to add my repository. There is a
version available for Ubuntu 10.10 as well.

I am compiling the i386 version, if you want to compile for amd64
you need replace i386 for amd64 throughout this article.”

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