How to dual-boot Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows 7

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“While I will never encourage anybody to use Windows,
any version of Windows, I do accept the fact that a significant
percentage of users still have to use it. I also accept the fact
that some users would like to dual-boot between Linux (whatever the
distribution they prefer) and Windows. Linux and BSD installation
programs make dual-booting with other operating systems very easy,
such that if you are satisfied with partitions created by your
distribution, a tutorial like this one is not necessary. However,
if you need to create a custom partitioning scheme, different from
the system default, this tutorial will be useful, especially if you
are new to disk partitioning in Linux.

“Images used in this tutorial were obtained from installation in
a virtual environment, with a disk size of 200 GB. The objective is
to use about 50 GB of that for Windows 7, and the rest for Ubuntu
10.10. When setting up a dual-boot configuration between Windows
and a Linux or BSD distribution, always install Windows first.
Otherwise, Windows will happily wipe your hard disk clean and
install itself. The first task then is to install Windows first,
then Ubuntu. Note: The assumption here is that Windows 7 is being
installed anew. So boot up the computer the Windows 7 installation

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