How to enable btrfs on Fedora 14

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“Like Fedora 13, Fedora 14, the latest version of
Fedora, has support for btrfs. However, it is not enabled out of
the box, that is, it is not available as a File System Type option,
if you did not edit the boot method to include btrfs. This post
offers a very simple guide on how to pass the btrfs option to
Fedora 14. Note that to enable btrfs, you will have to use the DVD
installation image or the bfo image. This tutorial covers how to
enable btrfs when trying to install from a DVD installation image.
If using a bfo image, read how to enable btrfs on Fedora 13. It was
written for Fedora 13, but is also applicable to Fedora 14.

“If you are using a DVD installation image, the boot window
should look exactly like the one below. Press the tab button on
your keyboard to edit the options Note: This technique will not
work with the Live CD installation image.”

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