How to install Linux Mint 10 on a btrfs file system

[ Thanks to finid
for this link. ]

“Linux Mint 10 is the first version of Linux Mint with
built-in support for the B-tree File System (btrfs). Btrfs is one
of the newest file systems in the Linux kernel. It is a copy on
write file system with the following features: snapshotting and
writtable snapshots, object-level mirroring and stripping, file
system compression, multi-device support, online and offline file
system checking, etc.

“Though it is now possible to install Mint and several other
Linux distributions on a btrfs file system, you should be aware
that it is still under heavy development and not yet ready for use
on production systems. Taken from the man page of btrfsctl, the
main management command line tool for btrfs: “Btrfs is currently
under heavy development, and not suitable for any uses other than
benchmarking and review.”. Note: Btrfs is the default file system
on MeeGo.

“The rest of this post presents a step by step on how to install
Linux Mint 10, aka Julia, on a btrfs file system.”

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