How-To: Remaster Debian 6 “Squeeze”

[ Thanks to Prashanth for this link.

“There are a couple of qualifications to “Debian”. In
fact, this isn’t really a general guide for Debian itself, but it’s
more for Linux Mint “Debian”. In any case, because Linux Mint
“Debian” is pointed towards the Testing repositories by default,
for standard Debian, the procedure will still be similar anyway.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that the
latest versions of Fresh OS are up on my SourceForge site. Yay!
These are the download links, and I am also going to link to the
project wiki as well. I’m still working on the wiki, so please be
patient. In any case, I strongly recommend that you try it out (and
if you’re especially bold, install it (though be warned that the
installer is the Remastersys installer which isn’t very
consistent), and please let me know what you think either in this
blog’s comments or in a review on the project’s SourceForge page.

“So this post is just going to be about how I did it.”

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