How to run Unity desktop on Linux Mint 12

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for this link. ]

“Out of the box, Linux Mint 12, the latest edition of Linux
Mint, a desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu Desktop, comes
with a choice of two desktop environments – GNOME 3 with Mint
GNOME Shell Extension (MGSE), and MATE, a fork of GNOME 2.

“While the combination of GNOME 3 and MGSE is an attempted to
improve on the user-experience of a stock GNOME 3 installation, it
still leaves the user fighting the desktop just to get things done,
and MATE is not yet ready for prime time.

“While I am not exactly a fan of Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop, I think
it presents a better user-experience than GNOME 3 with MGSE. So,
this tutorial shows the steps necessary to install and run Unity
Desktop on Linux Mint 12.”

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