How to transform (almost) plain ASCII text to Lulu-ready PDF files

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for this link. ]

“Many people write far more now that they are
constantly online than in the pre-Internet age. Most of this
activity is limited to Web or office-style publishing. People
either write something that will only appear inside some Web
browser or a traditional “document”, that is a single file, more or
less nicely formatted for printing. Very often, however, they don’t
do it in the most efficient way.

“The most common solution for the first scenario still is to
write HTML or Wiki-formatted content in a text editor or, through a
browser, directly in the authoring interface of CMS systems like
Drupal or WordPress. The other approach is even closer to the
typewriting era, since it’s limited to using a word processor like
OpenOffice. Both methods involve too much manual work for my taste,
especially if you often want to reuse or move content from one
format to the other.

“Since I write a lot for both of the scenarios above and some
more, some time ago I realized that I needed a more efficient and
flexible workflow: something that was as close as possible to
“write ONCE, publish anywhere, re-mixing and processing already
written stuff in any possible way without getting mad along the