How Ubuntu’s Unity Can Be Improved

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“Where Unity Needs Some Help: Missing home folder

“What I’m about to share with you really blows my mind. In the
earlier release of Ubuntu, being able to find my home folder was as
simple as Places>Home folder. Sadly, now it seems that you need
to click on the Files/Folder button on the launcher. From there,
you’re presented with a random list of folders to choose from. Did
I mention none of them are the home folder?

“That’s okay, Unity provides a search box. At this point I begin
the process of typing in the word “home” into the search box. “Your
search did not match any files.” Well of course it didn’t, as the
search box says; files and folders. And this would be why I’m using
the search tool to search for my home folder, since the listed
“favorite” folders are random and not providing me with anything