IDEAlog.us: So You Want to Host Your Own Linux Mail Server…

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for these links. ]

“Several events led to me to consider a change. First, I’ve
always had trouble using POP with Microsoft Outlook from multiple
computers. The read/unread state of mail was never synchronized
across systems. Every once in a while, Outlook would download my
entire mailbox as new messages–creating duplicates for every
message that required an add-in tool to remove. Eventually, I
switched to IMAP to avoid these problems…”


Helpful Guide to Setting up Linux Debian Postfix Courier
SquirrelMail Mail Server

“I used the instructions below to guide me through the process
of setting up a server at Redwood Virtual with the following
components: Linux Debian + Postfix + Courier Maildrop + Apache +
SquirrelMail + Amavis + SpamAssassin…”