IDG.net: Firms are racing to support Linux applications

“Responding to concerns by IT managers that they won’t
get adequate support if they use open source software, a
diverse array of firms are coming forward [at the Austin, Texas,
Open Source Forum] eager to help.
…representatives from
giants such as IBM Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co., as well as
boutique shops such as Linuxcare Inc., assured the managers there
is little to fear from using open source software like the Linux
operating system or Apache Web server.”

“While IBM and HP are promising to support their
Linux-compatible offerings, other firms are making support a key
piece of their products. Linux distribution companies like Red Hat
Software, SuSe Holding AG, and Caldera Systems Inc. package,
install and support Linux. Meanwhile, others, like Linuxcare, avoid
distribution and concentrate solely on providing service and
support to Linux users.

With pledges of prompt service for open source software ringing
in their ears, some IT managers at the conference said they were
considering using Linux or Apache.”

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