IDG.net: Linux extension doubles memory on Intel servers

“Siemens and Linux distributor SuSE announced today a Linux
extension that allows for the use of up to 4GB of RAM on servers
powered by Intel processors.
…a major step up from the 2GB
of RAM which previously was the maximum memory available on Intel
servers running the Linux operating system, said Frank Schuhmann, a
spokesman at SuSE. ‘This will mainly affect companies with large
business applications,’ Schuhmann said, adding that companies
running ERP applications such as those from SAP will have the most
to gain.”

“The extension is available as a free download from SuSE’s Web
site. SuSE and Siemens worked closely with Linux creator Linus
Torvalds to develop the extension, which is already in the Linux
2.3.15 developer’s kernel…”

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