IDG publishes major Microsoft Infomercial

(In the new InfoWorld feature ‘World of Windows’, there are
two alternatives: NT now or 2000 later. Generally, the first should
be preferred.)

In IDG’s welcome message, the editors exult:

“Because we recognize that Windows NT is becoming a growing
force in organizations large and small, the editors at IDG are
banding together to bring you a concise, complete source of
NT-related information. This special report, which will reach over
2.2 million readers, is the result of an unprecedented
collaborative effort…”

“Our goal is to separate reality from marketing and hype to help
you figure out what this operating system means to you and your

Linux gets one mention: “Webmaster Greg Parker tried to move
from an Apache Web server to IIS 3.0 on NT 4.0 for easier
management, but the Microsoft technology stalled and crashed after
he loaded 40 of the 50 domains needed. So Parker offloaded e-mail
processing to a Linux server and reverted to running Apache on Sun
Microsystems’ Solaris 2.6.”

But just try to find it!

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