In Close Vote, Germany Stays in the OOXML “Yes” Column as More Reports Dribble in

“With fewer than 48 hours to go throughout most of the world,
only a small percentage of the 87 countries that voted last summer
on OOXML have announced whether they will stand by, or change, the
votes that they cast during the original six month voting period.
To my knowledge, only one National Body (NB) has formally announced
a change of vote thus far (Czechia has changed from ‘disapprove’ to
‘approve’). Pamela Jones earlier today posted an informal report
that Kenya, a P member, has switched its vote from “approve” to
‘abstain.’ And Pamela also reported that Cuba has not only
announced a ‘disapproval’ vote, but that it’s earlier vote to
approve was incorrectly registered, placing it in a unique category
of its own. In yet another category can be found reports that a
committee has recommended one action or another, but is not itself
the committee that is able to make the final decision for the NB
(the United Kingdom is an example).

“All other reports, official and informal, of which I am aware
are to the effect that the prior vote will stand, including the
United States (approve), Brazil and India (both disapprove). And
I’ve now learned that Germany can be added to the ‘no change’
category as well, although the vote was not only very close, but,
as has become almost more the expected rather than the unusual, was
also unique to the circumstances and decisions made within the NB
committee about what options would be permitted in the vote…”

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