In-depth Interview With Dries Buytaert

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this link. ]

“As a high school student my first job was making hamburgers at
‘Quick’, a European fast food chain. In college I studied Computer
Science at the University of Antwerp. I spent my time studying, but
like any student I also enjoyed having a good time. I was fortunate
that my parents paid for the basics like tuition and books, but I
got a job at an ISP so I could buy gadgets and pay for other fun
things. I was one of their first hires, and running the service
desk and doing outside sales was good training for my work today at

“In the few years I worked at the ISP I saw it grow from 5 to 60
people. It was very educational to see an organization grow so
rapidly. In the early days, I had to sell Internet subscriptions
when there weren’t enough support calls coming in. Unlimited
Internet access was very expensive back then, especially for a
student, and one of the perks of the job was a fast, 10Mbit
connection. This is where I begin to learn about the Internet.”