India and Brazil Vote No on OOXML

The Economic Times: India Throws MS Open Format Out of the

“India on Thursday gave Microsoft a thumbs-down in the war of
standards for office documents.

“In a tense meeting at Delhi’s Manak Bhawan, the 21-member
technical committee decided that India will vote a ‘no’ against
Microsoft’s Open Office Extensible Mark Up Language (OOXML)
standard at the International Standards Organisation (ISO) in
Geneva on September 2…”

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Avi Alkalay: OOXML: Brazil Says No

“After a very difficult and inconclusive meeting in ABNT
(Brazilian Technical Standards Organization) office last tuesday,
the standards process director had to analyze the audio recording
of all the meeting, review some facts, review again all 63+2
comments produced by the technical group about the ECMA
specification, and conclude that a NO for OOXML is the correct
position for Brazil in ISO Fast Track process.

“Brazil will fill the ISO form with a NO and will attach the
63+2 technical comments to it…”