Inertia, a force to be reckoned with.

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“Everybody knows what inertia is. It is that force
which slops scalding hot coffee all over your front because you
have to slam on the brakes when some jerk cuts you off in traffic.
Inertia is everywhere, it effects everything we do, even in space
we rely on inertia to send our primitive probes to the outer
regions of our solar system.

“Yet, inertia is not just a physical force. It is also a mental
one. It is our mental inertia which keeps us in, what we call, a
rut. Where we keep doing the same things simply because it is
easier to do so than to try and change direction for a new
experience. Nowhere have I seen a more noticeable example than the
computing world.

“It is strange really. I see the computing world as a place of
fast action, fast cars and beautiful women. Then I wake up to a
blaring alarm and shamble, bleary eyed, into my morning rituals 🙂
However, the computing world is generally seen as a place of quick
changes, exciting new technology and ever faster computers. The
reality of it all is is that the computing world is more than
ninety percent run on inertia.”

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