InfoMagic Linux Developer’s Resource – Nov 98

  InfoMagic Linux(R) Developer's Resource 6-CD Set November 1998

This release includes all of the most popular distributions of the
Linux operating system available as of November 1998.  Each
distribution includes complete materials to install and run the Linux
system of your choice.  Current releases of the following
distributions are included and all have been mirrored from their home

*  Red Hat 5.2 for Intel  (installs kernel 2.0.36)
*  Red Hat 5.2 SRPMS
*  Red Hat SRPMS
*  Red Hat 5.2 updates

*  SuSE 5.3 (installs kernel 2.0.35)
*  SuSE Binaries and Source

*  Debian 2.0 r3 (installs kernel 2.0.34)
*  Debian 2.0 Sources
*  Debian 2.0 Contrib

*  Slackware 3.6 (installs kernel 2.0.35)
*  Slackware Binaries, Sources, Contrib

*  Kernel Source 2.0.35 and 2.1.127 (ftp.kernel.org)
*  Apache (version 1.3.3)
*  Netscape Communicator (version 4.5)
*  XFree86  (X-Windows)  Binaries and sources included with all

This CD Set comes with a "QuickStart" install booklet with basic
setup instructions for each distribution.  Complete on-line
documentation from the Linux Documentation Project along with the
"Installation & Getting Started Guide" and the "Network
Administrators Guide".  The complete HOWTO docs and FAQ^Òs are
included with help text on a full range of topics! This is the most
comprehensive LINUX distribution package available!

Retail Price - $27.50

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updates for only $17.50 (plus shipping) until you cancel.  (Credit
card required for subscription service)

Available to ship on or shortly after 30 November 1998

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