Macsyma math software for Linux now available

            Macsyma Math Software Now Available for Linux

ARLINGTON, MA (November 11, 1998):  Macsyma(R) math software is now
available for the first time in PCs running the Linux operating system.

- - Macsyma offers the highest standards in mathematical power and
  reliability. Macsyma outscored all other math software by 20% in the
  largest independent test of math software performed to date [M.
  Wester, "Computer Algebra Netherlands," Dec. 1995, pages 41-48].

- - Macsyma is uniformly touted by reviewers as the easiest to use of
  the big math packages. It includes 1,300 executable demonstrations
  easily accessible at many points in the help system. Also hypertext
  descriptions of 2,900 topics, a browser with 900 topics and commands,
  and 900 type-in command templates.

- - Macsyma 421 has client-server capability, which is particularly
  helpful on local area networks.

- - Recent mathematical improvements include enhanced speed in solving
  linear and algebraic equations, stochastic mathematics, better
  evaluation of special functions, and enhanced tensor analysis. It is
  smarter about using the algebraic signs of expressions to simplify

The U.S. commercial price for Macsyma 421 for Linux workstations is $249
(or $199 without paper manuals). The U.S. commercial price for Linux
Macsyma with NumKit (which requires using a client running MS-Windows)
is $349. Academic prices are available.

For more information:
- - visit the Macsyma Web site at http://www.macsyma.com.
- - email to [email protected]
- - call 1-800-622-7962 (1-800-macsyma).

Macsyma(R) and PDEase(R) are registered trademarks of Macsyma Inc.
MathHelp(tm), MathTips(tm), NumKit(tm), DataViewer(tm), and PDEase2D(tm)
are trademarks of Macsyma Inc.  Other trademarks and registration marks
are the property of their respective owners.

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