Information Week: More Vendors Jump On Linux Bandwagon

“The LinuxWorld conference provided a forum for vendors to
further hype the open source. IBM made clear its intentions to be a
leading promoter and integrator of Linux, while other vendors
unveiled distribution and co-development partnerships with Linux
tools companies.”

“IBM yesterday outlined sweeping plans to integrate Linux into
several of its products, as well as to offer global technical
support for all major versions of Linux. The company will team with
four major Linux distributors–Caldera Systems, Pacific HiTech, Red
Hat Software, and Suse Holding AG–to co-develop and market Linux
products and provide training and support to customers. IBM will
include in its offerings the IBM WebSphere Web development
products, including two application servers. Also to be included
are Linux-based offerings of IBM’s Host On-Demand Java-based
emulator for Web-to-host connectivity and an On-Demand Server that
manages E-business applications. The company is also working on
porting Linux to selected IBM RS/6000 models.”