InformationWeek: PSINet Offers Hosting Services On Linux

“PSINet Inc. runs 11 Internet hosting facilities worldwide. Last
year, PSINet-which already manages thousands of Windows NT, HP-UX,
and Solaris systems for its customers-began hearing from a growing
number of clients who wanted to host their Internet applications
and E-commerce sites on Linux. After offering Linux Web hosting
to some of its customers on a trial basis late last year, PSINet
decided early this year to go full-throttle with the program,
rolling out between 500 and 1,000 Linux servers. Beginning in May,
PSINet will deploy the Linux systems in five of its data

“So the company decided to look for outside help. In March, it
signed a contract with LinuxCare Inc., a Linux systems-integration
company that supports more than 21 different Linux distributions,
according to Art Tyde, LinuxCare’s executive VP. PSINet will use
LinuxCare to help its customers port their projects from the
version of Linux they were written on to the type of Linux in use
at PSINet.”