Install CHDK on Your Canon Camera Using Linux

[ Thanks to Dmitri
for this link. ]

“Got a Canon compact camera? Then you ought to give
CHDK a try. This alternative firmware turns your humble Canon
point-and-shoot camera into a powerful photographic tool.

“Installing CHDK onto an SD card using a Linux machine is a
three-step procedure. First, if you plan to install CHDK on a card
larger than 4GB, you must create two partitions on it: a small
FAT16 partition for booting CHDK and a FAT32 partition that takes
up the rest of the available space for storing photos. The best
tool to do this is the GParted utility which is available in the
software repositories of pretty much all mainstream Linux
distributions. On Ubuntu and its derivatives as well as
Debian-based distros, you can install GParted by running the
apt-get install gparted command as root. Launch then GParted and
create the two required partitions. To make it easier to identify
the partitions, you might want to assign labels to them (e.g., CHDK
for the FAT16 partition and CANON for the FAT32 partition).”

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