Install The Latest OpenJDK 12, 11 or 8 in Ubuntu, Debian or RHEL Using Zulu OpenJDK Builds

Azul Systems provides tested, certified builds of OpenJDK, under the name of Zulu. Zulu is free and open source software (and freely redistributable), and offers up to date OpenJDK builds of Java 12, 11, 8, and 7. The Zulu OpenJDK builds are available for Windows, macOS and Linux. On Linux, there are DEB and RPM packages to make it easy to install on Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, Fedora, Oracle Linux or SLES and so on, as well as .tar.gz binaries, and Alpine Linux specific builds. Repositories are also available, for all Linux distributions mentioned above minus Fedora (it didn’t work for me on Fedora 29) and Alpine Linux. So why use the Zulu OpenJDK builds instead of Oracle Java or OpenJDK? Read on.