Interactive Week: Linux Clustering Tech To Debut

“Giganet will become the first vendor to offer a
standards-based, commercial-strength clustering technology for
Linux when it makes available on July 26 a version of its cLAN
clustering software for the upstart operating system.”

“While Giganet has offered cLAN clustering software for Windows
NT 4.0, clustering Intel hardware has proven to be an elusive goal
for both Microsoft and advocates of Linux, the two parties most
interested in harnessing a high-powered, low-end hardware set. The
difficulty lies in getting the servers in a cluster to communicate
quickly enough to avoid building up so much overhead that it cuts
down their combined performance, analysts said.”

“Now the Linux cluster is close to becoming the draught horse of
Net enterprise applications, with lessons learned from the early
Beowulf Linux-clustering project at the Goddard Space Flight Center
and help from commercial products such as Gigabit’s cLAN.”