[email protected] Week: Dell, Compaq Help Charge TurboLinux

“On the strength of its connection to China and Asian markets,
TurboLinux has completed the largest round so far in Linux company
private financing, $57 million from Dell and Compaq Computer and a
string of additional blue ribbon investors….”

“China appears to have a large appetite for Linux systems, he
said, noting its fear of becoming dependent on a U.S. company such
as Microsoft that sells only proprietary software. Linux is
outselling Windows in China’s most popular software stores, he

“In addition, said Miller, TurboLinux will bundle its Linux
distribution with IBM’s DB2 for ease of installation and
maintenance, selling the combination as commercial software rather
than a low cost Linux distribution.
TurboLinux also bundles
Enlighten’s Enlighten DSM network management software as a
commercial package.”