Interesting facts about Fedora Linux

1. Fedora Linux started out as an undergraduate project by Warren Togami at the University of Hawaii in 2002. The goal of Fedora Linux was then to provide a single repository with well-tested packages for Red Hat Linux.

2. FEDORA is an acronym that stands for “Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture.”

3. Fedora release names are suggested and voted on by the community. Name suggestions are solicited through a Fedora wiki page, and the final release name is decided through a community vote. A suggested name for release N must have the same “is-a” relationship as the name for release N-1. For example, given the release name “Schrödinger’s Cat” for Fedora 19, the name “Heisenbug” passes “is-a” test for Fedora 20; Schrödinger’s Cat is a paradox where the object changes state when studied, and so is a Heisenbug.