Internet News: Linux Revolution Growing

“Linux is currently the fastest-growing server operating
environment, according to IDC Research. In 1998, more than 750,000
Linux servers were installed, reflecting a 212 percent growth rate
and 17 percent of all new server placements. Linux may just be the
greatest software story ever told.

Success for Linux means it was only a matter of time before
fortune-500 companies recognized the free operating system as an
alternative to Windows NT. Linux possesses true multitasking,
virtual memory, shared libraries, TCP/IP networking, and other
advanced features. Many see Linux as NT’s most serious competitor,
and a most viable contender to loosen Microsoft’s grip hold on the

Independence has been a fierce source of pride to the operating
systems programmers who fear Linux might become just another
freeware Mosaic, wiped out by commercial versions of the
application. If Linux World this week is any indication, Linux
coders’ fear is far from becoming a reality.”

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