Internet Week: Linux Targets The Data Center

[ Thanks to Low, Kuan
for this link. ]

Like Randy Moss to the NFL or Leonardo DiCaprio to
Hollywood, Linux is definitely the fair-haired golden child, flavor
of the moment to the computer industry. But like every operating
system issue, the question of where and when to use this talented
new-comer has become a debate of near religious zealotry in most

“We’ve asked ourselves the “Where and why Linux?” question a
number of times and have come to the same conclusions favored by
most of those not caught on one side or the other of the
Microsoft-Linux jihad. Namely, that Linux is great for niche
serving applications (just as it has been for years), is making
inroads as a stand-alone network-serving platform, but is still not
really a viable option for general-purpose business desktop

“So when the topic of testing Linux distributions cropped up, we
had to decide on our focus very carefully. After some debate, we
decided to check out only commercial Linux distributions and test
them with an eye toward standard-network and Web-serving
suitability. Basically, do these distributions have what the
average IT manager is looking for in terms of a standardized server