InternetWeek: Sun Must Give Up Some Java Control

“Java’s biggest backers, IBM among them, say they’re close to
breaking ranks with Sun in a last-ditch bid to create a Java
standard. Their valid argument: Sun isn’t committed to creating a
public standard to which they and other vendors can

“That’s unfortunate, because a Java standard would ensure
interoperability and cross-platform portability, giving IT managers
greater confidence in the programming language. For Sun, that’s
worth whatever control it would have to give up. But Sun continues
to dig in its heels….”

Linux serves as a good reminder that Java, though not an
obvious open-source candidate, will reach its greatest potential
when it gets widespread vendor and ISV support.
That broad
third-party support is critical to ensuring that various vendors’
Java products can interoperate elegantly. Today, one company stands
in the way.”