Interview: Jesper Schmidt Hansen, author of GNU Octave Beginner’s Guide

[ Thanks to Edwood
for this link. ]

“Jesper: I have been wanting to write a text on GNU Octave for
quite a long time. Originally, my idea was to write about how you
can use Octave for complex dynamical analysis, for example, how to
solve partial differential equations and do simple bifurcation
analysis. As most people would know, going from having an idea to
actually carry it out takes some dedication – and a lot of
time – so besides a few notes I never got to write anything
useful. In the spring of 2010 my good friend Kenneth Geisshirt
informed me that Packt Publishing was looking for an author who had
experience in Octave and who was interested in writing a beginner’s
book. I contacted Packt and we after one week the editor and I had
agreed on the book content and I had signed the contract. It was
exactly this sort of catalyst I needed to get started.”

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