Interview with Amanda McPherson of LinuxCon in Portland

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for this link. ]

“A few important names…
To me they’re all important, but here are a few very well
known indivuals who are speaking at Linuxcon: Bob Sutor, VP of
Linux and Open Source at IBM, Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of
Ubuntu, Greg KH, kernel developer, Matt Asay, Alfresco executive
and popular CNET blogger, Joe Brockmeier, OpenSuse Community
Manager and some guy named Linus Torvalds. 🙂

“OK, the fun part: was there a moment when you honestly wondered
if you’d be able to pull the conference off?

“My mind goes back to the genesis of Linuxcon. The Linux
Plumbers Conference community team approached us about starting a
bigger and more broad Linux conference, and I thought it was a
great idea. There is a need for something technical, fun and
community-based (not run by a for profit who is most interested in
money). The only time I wondered if we would pull it off was during
the presentation on Linuxcon I gave to the board of directors of
the Linux Foundation. I did my spiel and then held my breath during
a short pause before they responded. Soon enough they all just
started asking question and agreed that it was a great idea. Ever
since then it’s been smooth sailing.”

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