Introducing Debian GNU/Linux 6.0

“Debian and I have an unusual relationship — I respect the work
the Debian team does, I admire the huge amount of packages,
infrastructure, coordination and testing which goes into the
project. Quite often I find myself using the children or
grandchildren of Debian for work and on my home machines. I’ve
worked with a handful of the Debian developers fixing or updating
packages and have found them to be great, helpful people. (Yes, I’m
leading up to a “but”.) But, up to this point, I’ve never managed
to get a stable release of Debian GNU/Linux to install and run on
my hardware. When each new stable release ships, I grab a copy and
give it a whirl and, each time, I run into an installer cash,
failure to boot or some key component isn’t recognized. It’s a
condition I’ve found puzzling as several other distros have worked
successfully on the same equipment, including Debian-based
projects, such as KNOPPIX and Ubuntu. With the release of Debian
6.0 I went into my trial hoping this would be the release to break
my streak of bad luck.

“Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 “Squeeze” contains approximately 29,000
software packages and fills several CDs/DVDs. To install Debian we
don’t need all of the discs; typically we just need the first disc
of the set. Users with fast and reliable Internet connections have
the option of grabbing smaller net-install CDs. Additionally the
project maintains a list of disc vendors for people who have slow
connections or who wish to contribute funds to the Debian project.
I opted to download Debian on a DVD, a heavy ISO of 4.4 GB. While
waiting for my download to complete I took the opportunity to look
over the project’s new website. Debian has, in the past, taken some
flak for having a website which looks like it was developed with
the Lynx web browser in mind.”


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