Invisible Forces Destroying the Status Quo

[ Thanks to helios for this link.

“Once the CD booted and I showed him the browser, he
was off and running. I sat in the chair opposite his desk and
watched him as he worked. He logged into his office server,
retrieved the data and used his newly-opened Gmail account to fire
off the critical information. He turned from the screen and asked
me if he could keep this program on his computer.

“I ‘splained to Dan that it wasn’t on his computer and what he
was using was an operating system on a disk. I pulled my chair up
next to his and started navigating my way through the menus and
options. I even showed him the files on his windows machine and
pulled up All Along The Watchtowers” for him to listen to. All the
time, he said nothing…he just watched….and listened”

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