IPW: iRobot-LE – Robot Is Controlled Remotely Via The Web

By IPW Staff, IPW

iRobot-LE is a robotic device that can be controlled remotely
via a Web browser (NS 4.06+, IE4+). The device itself is
basically a self-contained mobile computer; complete with CPU,
Linux O/S, 6GB hard drive, and integrated Apache Web server.

Additionally, the robot contains a digital camera with 90 degree
pan/tilt capabilities on an extendable neck.

The iRobot integrates and attaches to the Internet through a
wireless interface to a DSL/Cable based home Internet connection;
iRobot sells connectivity solutions for USB or PCI based Windows
PCs. iRobot recommends a 300 Kbps always on Internet connection or
better for best performance.

The iRobot can be controlled remotely from any location through
the Internet, using a Netscape (4.06+) or Internet Explorer (4.0+)
Web browser. Primary uses for the robot are surveillance oriented,
giving the user a means to inspect his or her property while at
work or on vacation by remotely driving the robot through the home
and seeing the results through the digital camera on the robot. The
robot can climb stairs and also supports two way audio capability,
allowing the person controlling the robot to engage in
conversations with those the robot comes in contact with.

The iRobot is expected to be available in the first quarter of
2001 and is priced at $4,995.