Is it the beginning of the end for Microsoft and other proprietary efforts?

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“I had reported on this (at that time mildly visionary
trend) previously in another opinion piece, called
Microsoft’s Out, Linux is in. Ubuntu 9.04, I hear your call.
However, the trends being seen over the past few months now
indicate an absolutely clear path away from Redmond, WA.

“Companies do not want to be tied to the exclusivity of
Microsoft, a company that is slow to change, offers minimal
improvements and has a high expense (both to their customers, and
to us the end-consumers).

“Intel has recently put its full R&D weight behind Moblin
2.x, a Debian-based version of Linux branched off of Fedora (Ubuntu
is also Debian-based). This Linux-based software give the user a
very unique experience for their netbooks. It makes the devices
usable, is forward-thinking for future touch-screens, and can be
scaled up easily to a full desktop version with the same

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