Is Kubuntu Caught in a Downward Spiral?

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“Is Kubuntu Canonical’s “Blue Headed Step
The phrase “Blue Headed Step Child” has been used to
describe Kubuntu for quite some time around the blogosphere, and
the debate on whether or not the term has merit is never ending.
This descriptor has originated from the idea that Kubuntu has never
seemed to receive as many features as each Ubuntu release, and some
of the most noteworthy features in Ubuntu often do not make the
cut. It also has to do with Canonical not giving Kubuntu equal
treatment in the release cycles.

“Let’s be fair though, Ubuntu is Canonical’s main
distribution, not Kubuntu, so that should be expected. Kubuntu is a
“flavor” of Ubuntu that uses a different software set
that caters to those that prefer the KDE environment. However, the
amount of features that Kubuntu users miss out on is staggering,
and should definitely be considered a problem. So, is Kubuntu the
blue headed step child of Canonical? It would seem so, considering
the lack of support Kubuntu seems to get and a severe lack of
feature parity.”


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