Is TransGaming Dumping Linux in Favor of Apple?

“The questions a company will not answer are always interesting.
Recently I asked TransGaming if its seeming abandonment of its
users who rely on Cedega to play World of Warcraft was merely an
oversight, or if the company is too busy concentrating on its Mac
projects to bother with Linux users. Almost two weeks ago, Blizzard
Entertainment pushed through a required World of Warcraft patch
that made the game unplayable for many Linux users, reducing frame
rates to unacceptable levels, causing distorted sound, and making
the OpenGL graphics engine more difficult to switch to. Considering
TransGaming’s history of rapidly addressing WoW patch issues, this
is unusual behavior. Couple that with total silence from the
company and you have a genuine mystery on your hands. What’s going
on at TransGaming…?”