ISO OOXML: Denmark Votes “No with Comments”

[ Thanks to Peter Ussing
for this link. ]

“It’s official. Denmark will vote no with comments on OOXML.
Here is the press release. It’s in Danish, of course, so here’s
something in English for you, Leif Lodahl’s blog, where he says he
just received an email from Danish Standards that the vote will be
no with comments. 64 pages of them. And he lists a handy English to
Danish translator, but that doesn’t help us, so if you instead try
the Danish to English page, you get confirmation that they believe
the comments need to be addressed before OOXML is ready to be
declared a standard. Of course, as Andy Updegrove pointed out
yesterday, there has been a last-minute surge in new members on the
subcommittee that will work on the comments…”