IT-Analysis: Global Knowledge goes Linux crazy

“As Red Hat continues to flex it’s considerable muscle in the
Linux space it has just revealed a new alliance with Global
Knowledge, one of the world’s largest independent IT trainers. The
details of the deal show that Global Knowledge will become the
official trainer for Red Hat’s own brand Linux and will provide
real-world training and certification for Red Hat Linux and the Red
Hat Certified Engineer Program (RHCE).”

“The programme will be taught entirely by dedicated RHCEs’ and,
according to the firm, it provides much more than many
certification programmes, including real-life implementation and
configuration tests, common network services exams as well as
administration tests to provide a well rounded set of skills. So
far the training looks to be only available across 15 cities in the
US, kicking off around the September time-frame, but considering
the already staggering momentum behind the Linux operating system,
the rest of the world is sure to follow.”