IT-Analysis: OFFICIAL: Linux is the fastest growing O/S

“Everybody and their dogs sister has been saying that Linux is a
great technology but just yesterday IDC gave it the official seal
of approval and called it a truly ‘Hot Technology.'”

“According to the latest findings of a report from the popular
research company, last year saw Linux shipments increase at a
staggering pace. …from the final quarter of 1998 to the same
period in 1999, the volume of shipments grew an astonishing 166%…
This, IDC claims, is simply because Linux servers are well priced
with strong reliability and availability features – hence the
hot technology thing – and as such it predicts that the Linux
marketplace will become an increasingly important area of

“If you take just a moment to step back and look at these
figures it is really quite staggering.
Not only that Linux
really is making the kind of waves that people have been making
unsubstantiated claims about for months. But also that Compaq has
such phenomenal clout in a market that you really wouldn’t
associate with a company that has for a long-time been regarded as
the bastion of the Wintel alliance. Just shows you, there
really is life outside Wintel.”