IT-Director: Database vendor [Oracle] backs Linux

“Oracle is backing its belief in Linux with continued
investment. Its latest deal puts money into TurboLinux
, the
Linux distributor that is strongest in Asia. TurboLinux will
optimise its version of the operating system for Oracle’s database
software, and will help market the Oracle and Linux combination in

“…Linux… is increasingly used to run robust servers. While
Internet related services have led the way, database serving is
another popular application and many managers prefer the simplicity
of dedicating a whole machine to the database. In this situation,
there is little to be gained through complicated operating system
features. Speed and reliability become paramount, and those are
factors on which Linux scores highly. Oracle’s investment in
TurboLinux follows a similar deal with Red Hat.”

“Although the recent slide in share prices has hit some of the
speculative Linux investment, commercial interest in the system
continues at a high level.”

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